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Agency Investigations LLC

"Investigating The World"



  • Court Documents - We will locate and retrieve Federal Court filings, both old and current
  • Investment Manager Due Diligence - Learn about your Investment Manager before you invest.  We look at prior litigation, arbitration, criminal, regulatory exposure, as well as liens and related issues.  Past behavior of your manager is an important factor in whether to invest.
  • Corporate Intelligence - Due diligence includes studies of SEC and other available documents.  Most people do not have the ability or time to retrieve and study the hundreds of pages which can give you important information in your decision making.
  • Background Investigations - Know who you are dealing with:
    • Prospective Executives or staff
    • Your customers
    • Your competition
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Computer Forensics
  • Asset Search & Recovery
    • Surveillance
    • Live GPS Tracking
    • Infidelity (Marriage/Dating)
    • Workman's Comp Fraud
    • Background Checks
    • Asset Discovery
    • Computer Forensics


    Types of cases we handle...
    • Terrorism
    • Blackmail
    • Money Laundering
    • Murder
    • Rape
    • Child pornography/child solicitation
    • Internet e-mail tracing
    • Collection of digital evidence at web sites, newsgroups, and chat rooms
    • Online auction fraud
    • Death investigation


    • Theft of intellectual property
    • Destruction of, or misappropriation of data
    • Alteration of data, alteration/misuse of programs
    • Unauthorized access to a computer system
    • Unauthorized use of a company's computer for private gain
    • Downloading/distribution of pornographic material
    • E-mail misuse
    • Insurance fraud
    • Skip trace
    • Cell phone locate (Real-time)
    • Apprehension
    • Prisoner Transport Capabilities
    • Civil and Criminal Bonds
    • Immigration Bond Enforcement




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    Agency Investigations LLC is a proud member in good standing
    with the illustrious Michigan Council of Professional Investigators